About Red Bulb

About Red Bulb Cafe

Red Bulb Cafe is officially put on brew on 1 July 2009 but in truth, it has been dreamt of since 2002 when I first discovered my passion for owning a cafe in Singapore. It has taken two countries and seven years, and it is finally coming to life this summer in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.  Over the next few months, the concept will be crystallized, location identified and built, equipment purchased and calibrated; and keeping our fingers crossed, we will start serving coffee and pastries at Red Bulb before the end of the year.

Read more about the name and cafe concept.

Support the Red Bulb Movement

More than just products and services, Red Bulb Cafe is about building the social community around its conceptualization, funding, marketing, and operations. We are coming against the big boys like Starbucks, Second Cup and the ubiquitous Tim Hortons, and we need every bit of your help. Our movement starts with our network of friends, followed your individual network of friends, and then their network of friends, etc – well, you get the idea. Imagine the possibilities if we are able to link up just 20,000 people who can spare a single coffee’s cost to the movement.


How could you help specifically?

  1. Make a suggestion – whether it is a recipe, something you would like to see at the cafe, or how should Red Bulb reward its contributors, just drop us a note.
  2. Spare some change – it does not matter whether it is $2 or $5(more if you like us :-) ), we are looking for small contributions that will meant so much to us in covering the remaining capital investment for the cafe.
  3. Create the buzz – Be part of the movement and share this blog with your friends.

Call it naivety or eternal optimism, but I always believe there is an inner ‘cafe’ within each of us – please help us in making our dream come true by supporting the Red Bulb Movement.

House of LIM

My name is Cheeyuen Lim and I lived with my wife Sching, daughter Kay, and cats Tea & Milo  in Stouffville, Ontario(Canada). Both Sching and I are born and raised in Singapore; we moved to Toronto during the summer of 2004 and we have settled down nicely here,  so much so that we even created our princess Kay 2.5 years ago.

I have led a pretty interested life so far – in a nutshell, spent 2.5 years in the army and the bulk of my 13-year professional career in either IT or business consulting. I have worked for big companies like Telus and McKinsey but I am most proud of my days with Muu Consulting, a company I co-founded in Singapore.  I am passionate about Manchester United and Kansas City Chiefs, and would love to play golf every day, but not as much as owning my cafe.  I tried to keep fit by cycling, running, or the Tony Little Trainer. If there is anything I could change, I would like to be taller vertically and thinner horizontally.

Sching is the creative brains of the family and she runs her own design firm Muun Design. Much of this blog’s creativity and also all of our house internal setup is also the result of her keen eye for what looks good(mmm..maybe I am a slight exception). She is also a pretty good baker herself and I am trying to recruit her for the cafe.  But most of all, she is the mother of our child and Kay could not have picked a better Mom.

As for Kay, she is growing up really quickly and I am amazed at the things she knows.  She looks like she is going to be stubborn like her Dad and I can already see us locking horns when she is a teenager, but first, I am looking forward to her working for her pocket money at Red Bulb Cafe.


2 Comments to “About Red Bulb”

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Thank Tze Ning

Congrats on your wedding too!


January 21st, 2010

Congrats! Always nice to see a dream come true, and yours certainly has on so many levels.

Looking forward to what should then be a famous Red Bulb cuppa, served by a lovely young lady by the name of Kay; who I think used to look like Dad but now increasingly taking after Mom

Good luck with everything!

January 16th, 2010
Tze Ning, Vince