Red Bulb Name and Concept


It is not easy to come out with a company name that means something and in the internet era, the domain is still available for registering. We wanted Muu Cafe at first, similar to Muu Consulting that I have co-founded. Muu is actually a phonetic translation of one half of my Chinese surname and it stands for wood(for solid foundation). However Muu Cafe does not seem easy to catch on for a cafe, especially in Canada.

Red Bulb Cafe is suggested by Sching after 3 days of brainstorming in June 2009. We always wanted a clean concept for the cafe and the use of colour is integral to that. We chose Red because of its powerful image, and more so as it represents the passion we have for the cafe. We also intend to continuously improve our offerings through innovative ideas. Tying these two together, Red Bulb fits our message amazingly well.


Serving top quality coffee is a given at Red Bulb and we are currently sourcing for the best coffee out there. However we also notice a lack of great quality pastries that are made with the healthiest natural ingredients that taste great at the same time. That in essence is our Red Bulb Vision: the desire to pair the best coffee with great tasting healthy pastries that are baked fresh everyday

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