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I cannot believe that it is 2 months since the name Red Bulb is conceived. It has been quite a journey to set up the blog design, making entries, testing functionalities, and of course, reviewing with friends. I like to thank Samuel, Shirley, Alice, Christina, Andrew, David, and Colleen for taking the time to review the entries and also providing valuable feedback on the blog.  Seth Godin is right in saying that readers has no interest in what blogs has to say unless it relates to them; but regardless, it has been extremely rewarding for me to put out my thoughts and also getting support from friends. It has made the Red Bulb journey less lonely.

p/s: Thanks to David and Roxanna for making a contribution to the Red Bulb Movement – Sching and I are grateful for your support!

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Monday, August 24th, 2009

One Comment to “Blog Review”

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It is great to see your blog up and running. ‘Red Bulb’ is a great name and your billboard homepage is very creative :) Are those really your feet?

Thanks for letting your viewers share in your journey through this blog. It is inspiring to see your progress and the transformation of your idea into action. Who knows how many other people you might inspire into a little entrepreneurialism themselves? You’ve got me thinking!

Stouffville is an interesting idea. I agree that there is a shortage of coffee shops. I just hope they appreciate what you have to offer! You will have more of an uphill battle with the demographic there than you would in the city but of course you already know this and am sure have thought everything through.

When the time comes please count on me to help move, renovate, paint, or market. It is good to be part of the ‘Red Bulb’ Movement.

August 24th, 2009
Colleen Brock