Cafe in Stouffville/Markham?

A key thought I have when I did my cafe visits is the lack of bustling cool independent cafes in the Markham/Stouffville areas. Not sure whether it is because I have not been able to locate them or they have not been set up yet. I also suspect the following reasons:

  • Folks outside Toronto are less willing to walk and drive everywhere, including drive-throughs
  • They are more averse to new and unfamiliar things, and tend to stick to comfortable brands like Starbucks and Tim Hortons
  • Population density is not enough to create the traffic for independents.

This may be a case of  ‘chicken or egg first’ scenario. Maybe if I set up Red Bulb in markham or stouffville, the people will come afterall. I am actually leaning towards this option after reviewing cafes at Leslieville, Eglington Ave West, Yonge&Lawrence – those areas are just too saturated with cafes. Real Estate hunting in Markham and Stouffville has already began and I will report more on the progress in future posts.

Thoughts on where we need cafes are welcomed!

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
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Cafe Setup.

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Brooklin, ON should be your second opening!!!!

July 13th, 2010