We all need a little bit of inspiration from time to time – whether it is to start a new hobby, lose weight, write poetry; or in my case, trying yoga(Sching has been promoting its virtues forever), and most recently leaving my relatively ‘sedated’ job to pursue my passion of opening up a cafe.   While I don’t profess to be the metrosexual sensitive guy – my Popeye’s Chicken induced pot belly has certainly ruled me out from this special group -  I am often inspired by songs like John Mayer’s “Why Georgia”, cool people like Brian Vranesh who persisted with their dreams despite immense pressure to give up, and all the small business owners out there.  I like to share, in my mind, one of the most inspirational commercial done by Nike on Lance Armstrong.

Simple commercial: no words required, no product placement. But even without the grandeur imagery, the message is powerful. Success comes with challenges, and it requires tremendous hard work to follow the dream. It is not just about Lance but regular people that we see within the clip, overcoming illnesses and other life’s up’s & down’s. I have not gone a day without self-doubt since I left Telus in May but every time I push myself up the hills on Wagg Road at Stouffville, I know things will be alright if I continue to work at it.

What is your inspiration?

p/s: for those who spotted me @ Popeye’s on a regular $2.49 for 2 pieces of chicken Tuesday,  it is not me.

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
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Random Thoughts.

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