Setting up the blog is hard!!

The blank blog

After almost a week of figuring out WordPress and also other elements of blogging, i am FINALLY  writing my first official post. It has been almost 5 years since i did any form of programming.  Last time I did anything remotely close was when i was still with MUU; in a sense, it is symbolic as I am once again heading the path of self-employment again. More of this in my later posts.

Anyway the world of web programming and design have changed drastically. I personally find that it is so much more user friendly now and thanks to the friendly web community out there, there are many ready widgets and guides to incorporate into the blog theme seen above.  I can still feel some sense of achievement(like when i was young@22) when i get some codes working :-) but it is getting harder now. Drop me a note if you like to set up your own blog and would like some pointers on getting started.

Of course the blog would only be presentable with the assistance of my dear wifey. Thank goodness for her creativity and also her support in my decision to head into Red Bulb Cafe- the road is challenging ahead but hey, with a little(ok, a lot) of hard work, support from friends and family, I am looking forward to the tasks ahead.

For the techies: this blog is created using WordPress, using mostly php.

p/s: I also consider the following themes:

.. and consider this..

i thought of using this

also looked at this.. plus a few more - you get the picture)

also looked at this.. plus a few more - you get the picture)

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009
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