From the ground up - chronicles of the Red Bulb Cafe Project

The Red Bulb Brand

Presenting our logo and also our name – Red Bulb Espresso Bar. Take a short trip through our naming and logo selection process.

Coffee and Tea Show@Vancouver

Spending the next few days at the Coffee and Tea show in Vancouver – looking forward to experiencing a town hall full of coffee people :-)

Exciting and frustrating week

Accomplished a lot this week in terms of nailing down the equipments and supplies for Red Bulb, but it all comes back to the drawing board again. It is a case of HIGH and LOW.. sigh!

Victorians & Light Bulbs

We are currently doing research for the Design direction of Red Bulb Cafe. Came across an interesting article relating how : The late Victorians had a different attitude towards light bulbs than we do today. To them an exposed light bulb looked stylish and modern, to us it’s a symbol of decrepitude and poorness. We [...]

Searching for coffee

Initial thoughts on identifying the coffee suppliers/roaster for Red Bulb – this will be key to the success for the cafe.

More Main Street and Big Ass Fans

Today marks 4 months since I left Telus – a quick update on our current negotiations with 6130 Main Street and also a look at Big Ass Fans.