From the ground up - chronicles of the Red Bulb Cafe Project

Close but not closed

The feel about 6130 is right but unfortunately it is restricted to the ground level. The space is simply too big for us to make business sense.

6130 main street

Could this be home for the first Red Bulb Cafe? Lots of potential with the space – all that remains is a good lease agreement.

Blog Review

Thanks to those who have reviewed the blog and made contributions – the blog is almost ready to face the world.

The eighties!!

Came across some of my favourite eighties music the other day – man, these folks are cool!

Cafe in Stouffville/Markham?

Are there a lack of independent cafes in Markham/Stouffville? I hope so as I am leaning towards these 2 areas for Red Bulb’s first cafe

Our first contribution!

Thanks Mike for the being the first mover and shaker of the Red Bulb Movement!