Reflections & moving forward

Pretty amazing that we are already stepping into the middle of January 2010. I had wanted to share my thoughts during the year end’s transition but it has been a crazy few weeks during the holiday season. I also find the period to be too melancholic for positive and rational reflection. Also I was dizzy from watching the 3D Avatar and it took me a few days to recover. Anyway, here are my random thoughts on the past year.

I have to use a single word to describe 2009, it would have to be transitional. And what a transition it has been to go from a full-time paying job to a pretty uncertain world of trying to start a cafe. These are the things I have learned/experienced/thought:

10 things  about the coffee

  1. Real coffee people are extremely passionate about their coffee
  2. The coffee industry is really small – everyone knows everyone
  3. best espresso that i tasted last year – Intelligentsia and 49th parallel
  4. There are many helpful people in the coffee business  and I am blessed to know some of them
  5. Areas outside of Toronto do not have a decent(or at least I have not found it) option for coffee and i am not talking about Starbucks
  6. We have some really good roasters in Canada and they are not always the bigger ones.
  7. I can never be a ‘rockstar’  barista but I can definitely make great coffee
  8. Good coffee requires many things but it takes just one wrong step to screw things up.
  9. You don’t make great money in coffee and it takes passion to succeed.
  10. Vacuum(siphon) coffee maker produces really clean tasting coffee – glad I bought it for my wife’s birthday :-)

5 frustrating things

  1. Stouffville landlords
  2. Canadian dollar – it is going up too much
  3. People going back on their word
  4. No money
  5. Some things are out of my hands

10 things to be thankful for

  1. My wife – without her support, this transition is not possible
  2. Kay – she brings things into perspective; what are the important things in life
  3. Relatively good health – no gout for a while now; but definitely need to exercise more
  4. Family – parents  and siblings have been really supportive;
  5. Friends – especially those who believe in my passion
  6. A great real estate agent – Tammi has been there for the journey and it is quite a ride so far.
  7. Starbucks co-baristas & regular customers – keeps the dream alive and continue to make ‘making coffee’ fun
  8. Coffee – this is a great beverage, duh!!
  9. Free time – past few months has been great in terms of spending time with the family; watching Kay grow up day by day has been greatly satisfying.
  10. Popeye chicken on Tuesday – this is a great pick-me-up.

5 things to look forward to in 2010

  1. This should be the year Red Bulb becomes reality or close to reality
  2. Mastering Latte Art
  3. Challenges of making a profit
  4. Kay continuous growth
  5. World recovery and peace!

That”s all folks for my first entry in 2010.

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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
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