Staying calm amidst the chaos

(a letter from us to us)

Dear Red Bulb Team

It has been over a year since you made the decision to pursue your dream of opening up your cafe. Now, with about 6 weeks to go, you are finally arriving at the finishing stretch. You have to bring it home now!

I am sure you are feeling a great deal of anxiety and everyday seems to uncover something new that you have not think about before,  or you have thought about them but have yet to take action. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the number of items you have to handle and that you are running out of time to finish all the necessary tasks. On more than one occasion, you may have thrown your hands up in the air and shout out in frustration.

These are all relevant concerns and they tell me one important thing – you care about the cafe and you want to succeed. As with any new business, they will be hiccups and there will never be enough time, but you need to stay COOL amidst all the chaos.

We should all be like Fonzie from Happy Days!

Draw upon your previous start-up experience, trust your own team members, believe in yourself and your past cafe experience, prioritize your to-do list, work hard, and most importantly, keep a positive and calm mind. You have done your homework and it will translate into great results.

All the best and I look forward to seeing you at the opening!.

your friend

Red Bulb Espresso Bar

Posted on
Monday, June 14th, 2010

One Comment to “Staying calm amidst the chaos”

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Your committment and passion for this project is evident and Reb Bulb is already endearing itself to its future customers through this site. Stay true to your vision, trust your instincts and expereince and BRING ONTHE JAVA! Can’t wait until the doors open.

June 14th, 2010