Visit from Domenic and Rebecca


We visited Domenic and Rebecca’s roasting plant three weeks ago – they are putting the final pieces in place to open up their roasting business in the next few months. They are targeting small cafes who would like to serve premier coffee/espresso.

Anyway, D&R kindly offered to serve up their newly roasted at our home last Sat. After a BBQ dinner, we brought out our coffee machines and tasted their coffee, and also did some comparison with Starbuck’s Italian Roast.  Their signature blend offers a light bodied coffee with slight hint of floral tones, a very well balanced coffee. Obviously this is in big contrast to SB’s Italian Roast who is heavy on the tongue.

We did not manage to open the Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee, but I am already spelling the aroma everytime I come close to the bag.

Looking forward to seeing D&R in business soon!

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
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Coffee Tasting.

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