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It has taken eight months but we finally have a new website for Red Bulb. We have been focusing our efforts on making things work in the cafe and the website has somewhat been left on the wayside. For those who have been following our updates on Facebook, it has been an interesting and fun 8 months since we opened our doors on July 24 2010.

While we are still pretty new to the community, there are a few significant areas that we are pleased with:

– we have established a consistent coffee and tea profile; in particular we have settled on a custom Red Bulb Espresso Blend that gives a unique bright and smooth flavour to our espresso, whether it is enjoyed by itself or with a latte.
– our tummy fillers are pretty tasty. Whether it is our breakfast scone, empanadas, or brownies, there is a wide selection of delicious food items for the whole day. We are working on bringing back our sandwiches for Spring and also potentially tweaking some of our food offerings.
– our team is striving and having a good time. Gloria, Sarah, Kate, Melissa, David, Shirley, Kelvin and I have learn so much about coffee and the community, and we have really enjoyed making our drinks and knowing the community.
Рmost of all, the community has been greatly supportive of the cafe and this means everything to us. We have met so many nice people and we continue to learn more about everyone, not only as customers but as friends.  I still remember Joe Palma stepping into our cafe at 7.01am on 24 July 2010 and he is still coming back regularly; that hopefully signifies that we are doing something right.

As we looks towards Spring, we will continue to use this blog  to update our progress and share our thoughts and tribulations. Stay tuned!