Spring is almost here!

Compared to last year, this has been a long and dreary winter. As we anticipate more flurries/snow tonight,  we are also hoping that Spring is finally here.  Most cafe businesses are impacted by the weather, particularly independent cafes that are located on streets with no drive-through or not in an enclosed compound like a mall. Through talking to other indie cafes and coffee roasters, this phenomenon is definitely happening more drastically this year, and it has been made worse by the extended wintry season

Red Bulb is not immune to this, and what we can do as a small business is to ride through the rough patches with careful planning and execution. Unlike big chains like Tim Hortons and Starbucks, we have no margin for error and no buffer room.  Over the last few months, we have taken steps to minimize labour and also reduce any wastage. This is absolutely critical to our viability.

Nonetheless, the focus on quality and customer service from the team here does not deviate, and we are just as committed to each and every customer regardless of the season. We also like to thank our regular customers who continue to stop and come in(even during winter storms). Sarah and I were doing up a list of our customer names that we know on and the list is amazingly extensive. As we head into the Spring season, we look forward to your continual support and finally opening up our windows and door again

p/s: we are currently working on our Spring hours and food menu, and I will discuss this in my subsequent blog entries.